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1. Cash register daily "z" tapes with deposits
2. Cash register overrings
3. Cash paid out (dollar amount and brief description)


1. Bank statement (s)
2. Checking account stubs
3. Payroll service records


1. Inventory count (required)

Hakky Instant Shoe Repair will provide Franchisee with various reports required by state and local agencies and the mall in which your shop is located which are prepared by the accounting staff. For an additional fee Hakky Instant Shoe Repair will provide Franchisee monthly financial statements.

The franchisee will be responsible for seeing that all accounts payable for their business are paid.

Twice each month the franchisee forwards to the home office the daily "z" cash register tapes and a "semi-monthly report" of bank deposits and paid-outs. This information enables the staff to prepare comparative sales histories (including a break-down of retail and repair sales), sales tax reports, reports required by the mall and other agencies, computation of franchise fees and total sales figures for the monthly financial report.

For a low monthly cost, at the end of each month the franchisee forwards to the office bank statement(s), checking account stubs and payroll service reports (if applicable). Bank reconciliation and a financial statement are prepared. When completed, franchisee's copy of a financial statement along with the back-up information that was sent during the month, is returned. The year end financial prepared by our staff provides the franchisee's tax preparer with year-end figures that are easily transferred to the applicable tax return(s).

Hakky cannot guarantee sales or the success of any location. The affluence of the store is based upon the commitment of the owner/operator.


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