instant shoe repair
Industry Overview  

Shopping Centers
Todayís modern shopping malls and centers welcoming Hakkyís Instant Shoe Repair


Why Shoe Repair

Each Hakky Instant Shoe Repair shop is designed to enhance the environment of the shopping mall it serves.

Our stores are bright, cheery, colorful, and inviting.

But it isnít just our looks that gives Hakky its
distinctive edge over the competition.

Itís craftsmanship and modern technology working together to provide customer service that truly is first class.



Why the System Works
Shopping Centers
Franchise Support

Itís friendly owner-operators, thoroughly trained in the art of salesmanship and public relations.

Itís knowing what a customer wants before they do.

Itís having well stocked shops with top quality shoe care products-polishes, creams, water-proofing compounds, deodorants, insoles, laces, brushes, etc.

But the most important Hakky advantage is our dedication to quality shoe repair, usually done within minutes that puts us in step with \the fast paced world we live in.

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And thatís why Hakky shops are valued members
of any shopping center.